Sylfid is a new exciting audio technology based on physical modeling synthesis. We use our own fast simulation algorithms to compute sounds generated using a model of a real instrument.

Our first plugins, Sylfid-f1 and Sylfid-f2 use a model of strings hit by hammers, as in a dulcimer or a piano. We use physical equations to model the propagation of waves along the strings:

simple example of wave propagation

This allows to create sounds that exhibit real-life properties like rich tones and long decays, without any samples and no loops:

E2 (82Hz) 24s sustain

Because no samples are used, the instruments can be tuned in many different ways by adjusting the parameters of the model, like the material of the strings (metal / plastic) or the position of the hammer, producing a wide variety of sounds.


Our ultimate goal will be to create new instruments that don't even exist, to generate new unheard-of sounds.



This VSTi / AU plug-in generates sounds based on a new physical model of strings.
Although similar to a dulcimer or a piano (a hammer hits virtual strings) the sound is quite different: the goal is not to emulate any existing instrument, but to create new musical instruments.
Every parameters can be controlled on a per-string basis, allowing to tune the instrument in many different ways, and to produce a wide variety of different sounds. more...

This VSTi is a simplified version of Sylfid-f1: it has only one type of hammer.
As it also uses a physical model of strings, and no samples, it generates the same rich sounds and natural sustain as Sylfid-f1. more...


  VST Plug-In Technology by Steinberg.

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